グランピングリゾート Awaji

Glamping Resort Awaji

Awaji Island, easily accessible from Kansai and blessed with rich nature,
is a popular resort area where you can enjoy the sea, gourmet food, and sightseeing.
It is mild throughout the year with little rainfall, making it possible to enjoy sightseeing all year round.
Awaji Island is also famous for its food,
with Awaji beef, onions, whitebait(shirasu), and other specialty products.
On Awaji Island, the first dome-type glamping facility has been opened.

Seven Attractions

Dome-type glamping facility

Awaji area's first
Dome-type glamping facility


The area's first dome-type glamping facility has opened on Awaji Island, which is lined with resort hotels and famous tourist facilities.
The large dome tents, ranging from 7 meters in diameter, are fully air-conditioned and comfortable all year round.
Individual shower booths and toilets are located next to the tents, so even women and children who are not used to outdoors can use the facilities safely.
In addition, fire pits are available in a dedicated space in each dome tent, so you can enjoy an outdoor experience using a bonfire.

Glamping BBQ

Enjoy the entire Awaji area!
Glamping BBQ

Glamping BBQ using ingredients from the Awaji area.
We prepare the glamping BBQ using local ingredients such as Awaji beef, Awaji pork, whitebait(shirasu), and cabbage, which can only be enjoyed here.
We also offer an overnight stay with no meal plan where you can bring your own ingredients and enjoy your original BBQ.

Individual toilets, shower booths, and eating areas

Children and women can feel safe and comfortable.
Individual toilets, shower booths, and eating areas

Each tent is equipped with a separate toilet, shower booth, and eating area on the deck for your safe and comfortable stay. In consideration of women's concerns about the noise from the toilets, individual toilets are located adjacent to the tents, rather than inside the tents. Each tent is also equipped with a dedicated dining space where BBQ can be enjoyed safely and comfortably even on rainy days.
In winter, you can enjoy glamping BBQ while warming by the wood stove. Even during the cold winter, you can enjoy the glamping that is different from summer glamping.

Vegetable Marche

A wide variety of food activities,
including the free vegetable service "Vegetable Marche".

The charm of Awaji Island is its abundance of food. In addition to dinner and breakfast, our glamping facilities offer flexible gourmet glamping, using ingredients from the Awaji area.
In addition, we offer "vegetable marche" of fresh vegetables at the administration building.
Please feel free to use it for dinner BBQ.



Full hotel-quality amenities

We have prepared a full range of amenities for children and women who don't like the outdoors.
In addition to basic amenities such as towels and toothbrushes, we also have a selection of toner, lotions, and other amenities that are great for women.


Large glamping dome tents with air conditioning in all cabins,
you can enjoy even in bad weather.

Large semi-circular dome tents are adopted. All rooms are air-conditioned for your comfortable stay in all seasons.
In addition, Glamping Resort Awaji's dome tents are available in a variety of colorful tents that are fun to look at.

dog-friendly tents

Grand opening in July 2023.
5 new dog-friendly tents

Glamping Resort Awaji will open a new dog-friendly area in July 2023. All of the 5 new dome tents are equipped a private shower room with a bathtub and BBQ space. Enjoy a luxurious glamping experience with your dogs.


At Awaji, a 2,900㎡ glamping resort, we are conscious of creating a facility that minimizes contact with other guests. You rent a whole house for private use, with sufficient distance from others and with separate restrooms and eating areas. Most of the shared areas are semi-outdoor, so the only time you are in contact with the rooms is when you check in or out. Please enjoy glamping to the fullest in a private environment.


Shared Facilities

  • Administration Building(Check-in・Check-out)

    The building at the left end of the parking lot (on the left as you face the ocean.) is the administration building. When you check in, please go to the facility shown in the photo first.

  • Parking

    Free parking is available.

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Glamping Resort Awaji offers many activities to enjoy at the facility.

The first dome-shaped glamping cabins on Awaji Island.
You can experience luxury glamping.

Luxury glamping with ocean views in every room. We aim to create a facility where you can enjoy nature in a comfortable environment with toilet and shower booths in each room.


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Glamping Resort Awaji

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